Learn MetaPost

What is MetaPost?

MetaPost is a programming language for specifying 2D vector graphics. It is also a piece of software, the MetaPost compiler, that renders such a specification to image files. MetaPost is especially well suited for describing graphics in a mathematical way and has a powerful build in equation solver that enables this. MetaPost is heavily inspired by the Metafont language, which was designed to define fonts for TeX, and Metapost is often used in integration with various TeX engines.

E-R diagram drawn with MetaPost

What is learnMetaPost.com?

This course covers the basics of installing and using MetaPost assuming minimal prior knowledge. It is written as a step-by-step tutorial meant to be read from beginning to end, to get started go to Getting Started. After completing the course you will be able to produce advanced graphics with MetaPost. There are however plenty of features of MetaPost we will not cover, for a full reference see the excellent MetaPost Manual. The course was written by me, if you have feedback or suggestions please use the git repo to submit an issue or pull-request. I hope you have fun learning MetaPost.

>> Getting started <<

LSH explanation graph drawn with MetaPost.

Last updated on 4 Apr 2021